Contra (NES) Full Run with No Deaths


Contra (NES) Full Run with No Deaths

System & Settings: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

This video shows a full, no-death playthrough of Contra for the NES.

0:10 Stage 1 – Jungle
1:24 Stage 2 – Base 1
2:47 Stage 3 – Waterfall
4:14 Stage 4 – Base 2
6:34 Stage 5 – Snow Field
8:48 Stage 6 – Energy Zone
10:27 Stage 7 – Hangar Zone
12:29 Stage 8 – Alien’s Lair
14:16 Ending + Credits

As usual, this video was recorded from a real, original NES with a real cartridge. No emulators, cheats, hacks, or any of that BS in my videos.

Also, make sure to check out my run of Super C (Contra) 2 –

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  1. Ok i just clicked on this to say omg and wow to no deaths on this fucking game, holy shit bro… 30 lives was bearly enough for me lol, wait , but the bosses are way easier,, you just destroy em right away wtf,, they were way harder back in the day

  2. Contra was and still fun to this day in 2020, I'm sure everybody has the Contra Anniversary Collection! My favorite weapon is the Spread combined with R, make sure u don't get hit and lose the S weapon!

  3. I used to play this game everyday and beat it hundreds of times. This player is good, but in my humble opinion, you enjoy more if you kill/destroy all enemies. I used to do that and mostly it was with no deaths!

  4. Estoy llorando este juego es algo hermoso reconozco todos los sonidos y cada vez me recuerdo mas los niveles esto es mi infancia me acuerdo cuando pasaba horas jugando, quisiera devolver el tiempo y jugar una vez mas…


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