Deadpool Game – Saving Rogue


Deadpool Game – Saving Rogue

Deadpool saves Rogue from Blockbuster, during a boss fight in the Deadpool video game. Soon you realize she doesn’t need any help though.

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    කෙන්කවාන් හරිත කාමරයට පැමිණියේය මුරකරුවන් දෙදෙනා මා සමඟ එහි සිටියහ මම කාමරයේ ර


    මෙම ප්‍රමාණයේ බලඇණියකට සුළු හානියක් සිදු කරන්නනමුත් එය ප්‍රමාණවත් වේ

  3. My own cannon couples

    1. Rouge x Spider man

    2. Black Cat x Ice Man

    3. Supergirl X Damian Wayne

    4. Wonder Woman
    X Dick Grayson

    5. Silver Sable X Multiple Man

    6. Raven X Starfire

    7. Rose Wilson X Flash (Barry Allan)

    8. Eddie Brock X Rouge

    9. Shazam X Killer Frost

    10. Green Arrow X Hawkgirl

    11. Freddy Krueger X Deadpool (This is a parody)

    12. Carol Danvers X

    13. Punisher X wonder Woman

    14. Lucifer Morningstar X Jean Grey

    15. Black Canary X Spider Man

    16. Harley Quinn X Cletus Cassidy

    17. Michael Demiurgos X Psylocke

    And Most of all I saved the best for last

    18. John Constantine X Scarlett Witch

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