Death by Degrees (PlayStation 2) Full Playthrough


Death by Degrees (PlayStation 2) Full Playthrough

Tekken’s Nina Williams in Death by Degrees (PlayStation 2) Full Playthrough. Note: All of my gameplay videos are uploaded for entertainment, not for skill.

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  1. just bought it used….trying hard to like it and not re-sell it. beautiful graphics, but the absolute worst play control ive ever felt…..worst fighting system as well, all attacks are done using ur right joystick movement… buttons at all…..terrible cam movement, and stuff like once you engage say, a ladder, ur movement on it is hindered until u get off almost like a mini-load between stage screens….hard to explain…..and the movie cuts are long with no option to skip……..sayin this out loud convinced me what i knew….ill never enjoy this game cause its an epic fail and NOTHING near the smooth coordination of any Tekken character.

  2. God this game was fab! It took a while to complete- but it was worth it. You end up unlocking upgrades on Nina's moves as you progress. Asnd you also get to play as Anna if you complete! Such a massive story too which I love. Very textured and unique atmosphere! Loved it! Wanna replay even though there were flaws to controls! But maybe reboot!!! Nina is by far the best character in Tekken series!

  3. Watching this after a long time ago playing it, I cant believe how far I got/made it! So difficult! I made it up to 4:33:15. Moving that little robot thing, didn't know what to do while, on top of that, getting shot at.😔


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