Dragon Ball Xenoverse (PS4): World Tournament Mode (Tenkaichi Budokai) Gameplay【60FPS 1080P】


Dragon Ball Xenoverse (PS4): World Tournament Mode (Tenkaichi Budokai) Gameplay【60FPS 1080P】

The World Tournament has finally opened up today. Here’s some gameplay.
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  1. Are they gonna make a game based on the tournament of power let the player pick any character from universe 7 an go from their that would be lovely all 80 people free for all

  2. cousin: hay guys this video is awsome and i like watching you guys battle its like me playing a video game on my ps4 like lara croff and battle front and all that sort of games also its like playing call of duty black ops three
    me: hm??? I watch DBZanto Z's videos, who would not like DBZAnto??
    cousin: i don,t no my stupid brothers
    me: someone pls sub to me i don t hafe any subbies


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