Incredible Spanish Bull Leapers (Recortadores)


Incredible Spanish Bull Leapers (Recortadores)

Bull leaping dates back to Antiquity, when the bull was considered a sacred animal. Recortes (bull leaping) in Spain has been practised since at least the 18th century, and continues to grow in popularity as Spain moves away from bullfighting. I leave it to you to decide whether this is an acceptable alternative. Thank you for all your comments and yes the music is naff.

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  1. El mundo del Toro es muy importante en España, pero en mi opinión y como español creo que debemos adaptar esta antigua tradición a la época en qué vivimos. Esta sería una buena manera, los recortadores no dañan ni matan a este majestuoso animal.

  2. People around the world need to see the extreme sport of Jallikattu from India. Men will leap and hold onto bulls. Yes the bulls there have a hump to hold onto but the participants are fearless and you can see they still have that warrior spirit. It's more entertaining than this though the somersaults over the bulls are impressive.

  3. Their race is Germanic. They must be Visigoths. I am an Iberian of the original stock. My people were disinherited because they were proud being of the Roman Empire while Goths were just barbarians.


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