[PS1] Hoàn Thành Tựa Game "Săn Khủng Long 2" (Dino Crisis 2)

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[PS1] Hoàn Thành Tựa Game "Săn Khủng Long 2" (Dino Crisis 2)

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I’ve tryed has far as possible to not get hitted
by the dinosaurs, except on 2 part. First was when the t-rex
chasing me when i’m in a tank (it is impossible to not get
hitted) and, obviously, the last boss who was, at my opinion,
the biggest troll ever coming from a videogame. There’s only
one ending in this game and… this is a pretty good one i
think. (Anyway, as you can see, i love trolling the Allosaurus!)

Well, it’s dino crisis for you. The game is all about secret agent going on Ibis islande to evacuate Dr. Kirk, but the island is full of dinosaurs, that’s the basic plot. It’s a pure survival horror game where you have to take care about your ammo and stuff.

I’m playing on easy difficulties not because « normal » is too hard for me but just because i think this is more logical to begin with all your weapons.

Finished with the best ending. I always followed Rick’s decision so i don’t know what choosing Gail’s decision do.

Hope you enjoy !

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