The difference between Ryu and Ken in EVERY Street Fighter Game!!


The difference between Ryu and Ken in EVERY Street Fighter Game!!

Today we’re doing something fun! We’re running through the differences between Ryu and Ken in EVERY SINGLE Street Fighter game! These characters play very similarly, but as the years went on, Capcom made them more and more different, eventually evolving them into diverse characters with completely different playstyles. Hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane!

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  1. Growing up I had SF2 on SNES and my buddy Matthew would ALWAYS pick Ryu. He even refused to let us rent any of the updated versions because you could pick the same character. I literally never got to play as Ryu with him (my favorite character) because if you didn't let him pick Ryu, he refused to play. lol. We were huge fans of Bloodsport too. Miss that kid


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